Hi, and thank you for visiting Strength in Colors. My name is Annie and I created Strength in Colors to bring America's great causes together.

 It is amazing to see the impacts people have on things they are passionate about. Whether it is finding a cure for cancer or supporting our country's law enforcement, the support behind these causes is incredible to see. My dream is to bring these passions together and create one team. I have created a versatile clothing brand to help achieve this dream.

Almost every cause is represented by a color. For example, breast cancer is pink, childhood cancer is gold, and law enforcement is blue. The color of the logo supports a single cause but the Strength in Colors logo shows support for the whole Strength in Colors team.

10% of our profits are donated. Your purchase will not only support charities financially but I ask that you continue to wear these items and share the Strength in Colors mission with others. By doing this, you will be personally spreading awareness and actively supporting your Strength in Colors teammates all across America. I am so happy you are here and I am excited for you to join the Strength in Colors team.

Thank you,


For custom orders please email annie@strengthincolors.net