"giving back is the least I can do."

“Are you happy?
I thought I had an answer to this question. I was sorely mistaken. I was passing out oranges (what a big role right?) for the @stjude walk of Albuquerque, when everyone turned to see who the remarkable speaker was. He spoke eloquently and was able to grab the rooms attention with no introduction at all. It felt as though we were all listening to a ted talk. His name was Austin Denton, who suffered from a cancer tumor on his spine since birth. Austin at 10 years old, living in a wheelchair, has been a big inspiration in my life.

Austin spoke about his diagnosis with such grace, emotional stability, and realism to help people understand why giving back to St. Jude’s was important not only for him but many others. Volunteering is such a small role that adds up the bigger picture. From this experience alone, I gained insight and perspective in realizing how small we really all are. Banning together to help fight causes is the only way society shows true strength. If Austin can speak in front of thousands about his situation and help bring people together, giving back is the least I can do." - @ari_jo

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